Reservation rules

Reservation rules
1. Said Terms and Conditions defines conditions on which the booking and renting of the
premises owned by Śląskie Kamienice SA, Hornigold S.A. and affiliates can be done.
2. Making the booking is unequivocal to accepting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
3. Accommodation and rent services agreement between Client (Guest) and Hornigold S.A. is
being accepted in the moment of reservation under the conditions defined in the terms and
conditions and price list.
4. The agreement includes only the premises rent. Other services provided by Hornigold S.A. are
covered by separate terms and conditions and agreements.
5. The booking can be made only by an adults. Any underage persons can stay in the premises
that are the subjects of the rent under the parental or legal guardian care.
6. Tenant takes full responsibility for losing, damaging or destructing the items or technical
devices being the elements of the premises equipment.
1. The booking of the premises that are the subject of the rent can be done by:
– Phone – under the number +48 720 811 844
– E-mail: rezerwacje @hornigold.pl
– Through online booking system available at www.hornigold.pl
2. The booking is being accepted by sms or an e-mail to the address indicated during the booking
process and has status of „pre-booking”.
3. By the time of two working days since the confirmation is being delivered to the Tenant he is
obliged to pay (deposit) which is 35% of the fixed amount of the rental. Lack of the deposit in any
form accepted by the Company results in cancellation of „pre-booking” and is treated as the
contract withdrawal.
4. To the day of the rental beginning it is obligatory to pay rest of the amount, and payment is
understand as the fixed amount is accounted on the account of Hornigold S.A. – the premises
5. Lack of the full amount is treated as the contract withdrawal, at the same time the deposit is not
being returned.
1. Unless stated otherwise, the hotel day begins at 15:00 of the first day of the stay and ends at
12:00 the last day of the Client stay. Any not agreed extension of the stay means the obligation
to payment for another day.
2. The Client – person who made the booking in the moment of providing premises is obliged to
show the valid ID (or passport), document confirming the booking and the document confirming
the full payment for the stay.
3. The Client can receive the bill (invoice) if he informs about it earlier (during the booking
4. The staff has right to refuse giving the keys if guest:
– doesn’t has valid ID,
– is under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
– act aggressively.
5. Desire of possible extension of the stay should be reported no later than the day before of the
planned leaving. Hornigold S.A. will do it’s best to make the longer stay possible under the
condition of appropriate premises possibility of the Company in said period.
1. In case of booking cancellation payed deposit is lost, subject to §2 act. 5
2. Any changes in terms of the Client stay that already started should be reported immediately by
3. Cases consisting of the deposit payment and ,at this point, desire of changing the stay date are
settled individually and are dependent on the Hornigold S.A. premises availability in that period.
Lack of agreement of both sides in this range is treated as an agreement cancellation. The
deposit is not being returned to the Client.
In case of any unforeseen circumstances resulting in lack of ability to use of the premises booked
by the Client, Hornigold S.A. is obliged to provide the substitute accommodation in standard not
lower than agreed. Lack of free premises, Client acceptance for substitute premises or other
solution proposed by Hornigold S.A. results in an agreement cancellation. In this case all of the
payment is immediately returned to the Client.
1. The tenant is obliged to keep the premises in a good state, obey the rules of good
neighborhood, what includes the night silence from 22.00 – 7.00 and using the premises along
with it’s destiny, only for stay purposes.
2. By an agreement and on the rules of Hornigold S.A. it is possible for a larger groups than
declared to stay in the premises.
3. The Client is obliged to immediate report any spotted lack of equipment or damage in the
premises to Hornigold S.A. Independently from above, the Guest is obliged to report any
damage in the premises to Hornigold S.A. in the first 3 hours from the accommodation – by
phone or an e-mail.
4. The Client is fully responsibly for any damage caused in the premises or building, where the
premises is located.
5. The Guest has no right for providing the premises for other people without Hornigold S.A.
acceptance, even in the case when the stay for which he had payed hasn’t end.
6. The animals are not allowed in the premises and buildings of Hornigold S.A. Apart from the
situation when Hornigold S.A. will agree for such actions. The are covered by additional, written
7. With every leaving of the premises the Guest is obliged to close all of the windows (including
roof windows) and outside doors, along with turning off all of the electric devices (inluding air
conditioner) except the fridge. The person administrating the building, in which the premises is,
is authorized to entry provided premises in order to make all of the mentioned actions in case
of rain, storm or other cases that can cause any damage in the premises.
8. In case of violation of the provisions of §6 act. 1, 2, 5, 6 Hornigold S.A. is authorized to
immediate contract withdrawal. In this case the Guest is not allowed to receive the payment
9. After the stay has finished, the Guest is obliged to return the keys to the premises. In case of
lack of it’s returning Hornigold S.A. is authorized to charge the Guest the costs of locks
1. Price of the accommodation includes the light breakfast in form of coffee, tea, milk, muesli,
croissants etc. However, there is a possibility to order additional services „room service”, what
is additionally paid.
2. Smoking is strictly forbidden in all of the premises and buildings of Hornigold S.A. Breaking this
rule is punished in form of penalty in the amount of 1000 PLN. The penalty don’t exclude the
law for claim the damages on the separate provisions.
3. The owner of the premises don’t provide the parking space and is not responsible for any
damages or theft of the car or any other vehicle that belongs to the Guest. On the Client
request the person that administrates the object can show the location of the public parking lots
(paid and free of charge) located in the city where the rented apartment is placed.
4. Hornigold S.A. is not responsible for any inconvenience that took place during the Client stay
caused by construction or finishing works that can took place in the building where the
premises is located or nearby and for the interruptions in media supply for the causes
independent from Hornigold S.A.
5. Hornigold S.A. is not responsible for any things left by the Guest in the premises. The things
left by the Guest in the apartment can be send to the indicated address upon the separate
agreements and service conditions.
6. The booking person agrees for placing his personal data into Hornigold S.A. database. Data
will be processed only for the booking realization, facilitation of the future booking and for the
marketing purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Act from 29.08.1997 about
personal data protection.
7. The law applicable to the disputes between Hornigold S.A. and the Client is polish laws. The
disputes will be settled by the court appropriate for the Hornigold S.A. headquarters.